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Dog Igloo

The all-time favorite plastic dog igloo is the perfect choice for a dog shelter in our opinion.  There are many reasons why one would choose this particular variety of a dog house.  Number one on the list would be that they are simple to keep clean and maintenance is a breeze. 

Secondly, the are very affordable compared to other options of sheltering your dog and last, but not least, they have a one-of-a-kind design that has many advantages and benefits when compared to a traditional dog house built from wood or other materials.


A key reason that a dog igloo is so well-loved by millions of pet owners is because they provide the ability to keep your canine companion cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  How is this so, you ask?  Well, these cool-looking dog igloos are specially made with a structural foam that allows for great insulation in all types of weather.  This makes them superb for those winter climates where you never know what to expect. 

The design of these shelters for your pets are ultra compact making them very energy efficient.  Most varieties that you will find for sale today also come with the allowance for a top ventilation for moist or damp air to flow through, keeping the air inside the dog igloo fresh all of the time.  

Another new feature that has been recently added to the design of these houses is a raised floor.  This feature will appeal to many dog owners who's dogs are expecting puppies.  THe raised floor allows for extra warmth and a safe place for the new litter to lay.

Low Maintenance

Because a dog igloo is made from mostly plastic materials, this makes them super lightweight, as opposed to your traditional wood dog house. You can move one of these things from here to there with no problem.  So, if in the summer you like to keep a nice green lawn, you won't have to worry about killing any part of your lawn.  Just move the dog igloo periodically to maintain your lawn's great appearance. These shelters for your pet are so very easy to keep clean.  Take about easy! 

A simple spray of your garden hose is all you're going to need to keep one of these things clean. You can use the hose to clean both the inside and the outside of the house.  They're so light you can just pick it up and tip it over to let the inside dry out from any water you have sprayed inside. So, if you hate the thought of having to clean a dog house, the dog igloo will probably be the perfect option for you.

What Size Should You Buy?

If you're worried about whether or not your dog will fit into one of these things, let us tell you that these style of dog houses will usually accomodate dogs up to 100 pounds.  They come in all different sizes, so you'll be able to pick the one that will best suit you and your dog.  Even if you have a smaller dog, you might want to get a large dog igloo so that you're dog will not feel cramped and clostrophobic.  He of she will really love you for it! 

Before You Buy A Dog Igloo

Before you go ahead and just rush out and purchase a dog igloo, there are a couple things that you should take into consideration. First, some of the houses come with replaceable pads that fit inside of the igloo. There have been several reviews lately where people have been complaining.

They've been complaining about the fact that after buying a particular brand and model of dog igloo, that they were unable to find and/or purchase the replaceable pads that fit inside of the igloo. Each igloo is shaped and designed differently so, make sure you think about this before you buy if having the pads is important to you.

Did you know dog igloos aren't just useful for dogs? Several consumers have notified us that they have found uses for them for their other animals. For example, one pet owner, Jim Nettlerg from Kentucky, says they are perfect for his ducks! Ducks? Who would have known? I guess with saying that, you could virtually use a dog igloo for any animal that you have. So if you have other pets in addition to dogs, maybe you might want to pick up one for them as well. They look really cool in the backyard, too!

Overall Recommendations

So, all in all, a dog igloo is a great choice for your pet pooch.  The advantages seriously outweight the disadvantages.  Disadvantages?  We didn't find any of those!  They're cozy, simple to maintain, and available at very affordable prices for any budget.   You can find a dog igloo just about anywhere these days. You can check online at the various popular retailers and also at your local neighborhood pet stores.

You should check online first, however, because we find that shopping online gives you the freedom to shop around and compare prices without the hassle of driving from store to store! Have you checked the gas prices lately? So, if you want to keep your favorite pup warm this winter or cool this summer, we strongly advise you to get him a dog igloo today!

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